About Us

Introducing you to Our Organisation:

Started in 1996 First audio is a registered independent media production company operating in the UK and EU catering for the South Indian and Asian Market. First Audio Ltd is based in Newham in East London and was established in 1998 as a platform to encourage and cultivate local artists. They operate Ponn Maalai Pozhuthu and London Tamil Radio, which hosts many popular programmes such as London Time, Latchiyam FM, iTamil FM and Sunrise Radio which was the first Tamil Radio to be broadcasted in Europe.

A Brief History:

This company is the visionary product of our founder and Director Nadamohan. Soon after he came to the UK as a student in the 1980s, he began working as a volunteer for the Sunrise Tamil Radio programme under the guidance of Dr.Nithiyanandan, the programmes’ coordinator and facilitator. Concurrently, an interest in making audio programmes and a desire to provide a platform for budding artists led to the formation of London Time.

London Time:

London Time started as an hourly show in which, on average 10 trainee presenters would present an audio magazine filled with articles written by listeners. These hours were bought from existing stations in Europe and Canada and grew rapidly in popularity. One of the main reasons for this is the shows unique chat/radio magazine style ensemble. The programme encourages listeners from all ages to write in on age-specific topics, poetry, discussions, current affairs and literature reviews. Listeners also produce their own songs which are aired daily and include their own lyrics and instrumental background music pieces. Children are encouraged to record their articles and send in Audio clips and to create short films and submit them for competitions. Their videography, dance and other performance skills are regularly viewed on the online web TV.

London Tamil Radio (LTR) :

LTR was established on the success of our first part time broadcast London Time. LTR was initially broadcasted on Hotbird satellite but since the switch of major Tamil TV stations to Eurobird we have moved our platform to a 24 hour internet, mobile and Web TV based station.

ஓடி விளையாடு பாப்பா (OVP):

Oadi Vilayaadu Paappaa (OVP) is a main feature of London Time in which children from all over the globe write in on weekly topics that range from personal interests to current issues which is then reviewed and read live on air mostly by the children themselves. London Tamil Radio has developed many young radio broadcasters that now present their own shows on TV, Radio and Stage.Check out our weekly topics on the home page!

Ponn Maalai Pozhuthu:

This is an event hosted all over Europe to showcase talented young people in their local vicinities. It brings together the immediate community as an audience and encourages people to create their own productions of dance, drama, songs, instrumental music, comedy sketches, art pieces, oratorical debates, games and much more. First Audio also trains young individuals to become stage presenters and Ponn Maalai Pozhuthu acts as a base for their debut performances and ongoing training.

These shows are held many times during a year and since 1998 there have been over 100 shows hosted in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Netherlands. The show which brought in the largest crowd of over 2000 people was the 57th event held in an open field in Dortmund, Germany. The 75th Event was broadcasted on the European Tamil TV Station CEEITV. The 100th Show was hosted in London at the Sir James Hawkey Hall in February 2012. The events are typically organised in liaison with local community and charity organisations. Click on our Ponn Maalai Pozhuthu (PMP) page for details of our next upcoming event.

and here are some more things we do…

Young writers week:

London Tamil Radio has just celebrated the 7th annual Childrens’ writer week. Through OVP, Children are celebrated and encouraged to write to their local councils, schools and other institutions regarding issues that effect them.
Their work is published in small booklets or in the form of short films which the children themselves make. To view some of their work visit our video gallery. You can also find all our visual work under London Tamil radio on You Tube.

iTamil FM:

Although this is one of the many programmes that run on LTR, it is particularly special to us as it is our effort to integrate into our local communities. iTamil is a latter version of what used to be known as Thendral FM. Thendral FM was started in 1998 and entertained local communities in East London on short term FM licences. Currently hosted and coordinated by the lovely Tharsia, this programme encompasses our vision to incorporate future Tamil communities into their European surroundings. Therefore this programme is designed particularly to target young Asian individuals. The programmes are delivered by young presenters primarily in English with Bollywood and Tamil Music requests.

FA Network:

FA Network is our way of helping people to earn a secondary income. We have various income generating schemes which encourage people to optimise their time and talents. For more information visit our FA Network Page.

Where we are today:

We Currently have a substantial internet following on PCs and mobile phone platforms and provide visuals of our studio and partner programs on our Web TV . We also have registered companies in Germany and Switzerland from where we operate external studios. We constantly encourage people to engage with us and share their talents and are always looking for the next best thing. We pride ourselves in being the pioneers of radio

Our vision:
To operate a 24 hour media station (incorporating Radio, TV and Web) that reaches the South Asian population all over the world transgressing age, gender, religion and race. To successfully run a Web TV and host community related programmes to develop the next generation and encourage the present generation in life style issues, health, education, Further training, current issues, community awareness and community integration.

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