Our Initiatives

At First Audio we pride ourselves in our innovative and creative growth.  Some of the latest ventures that we are involved in have been listed below:

  • OVP Team building- This is an initiative that we are taking to enable more children to join our OVP family. For more about OVP and to find out what it means click on the OVP link above.
  • FA Network- We try to make every venture of ours worth the time you put in. Through FA Networking you could earn a limitless income by enrolling in one of our many schemes. If you are interested in this send us a mail to info@firstaudio.net with your details and we will be in touch.
  • FA Sangathigal- This is an opportunity for young people to edit and publish their articles on our very own e-magazine.
  • Print Media Club- Another one of our fantastic ventures for young children- interested in Journalism be it print, photo, visual or audio- this is the place to be. For further information contact us.

For further information on the above or anything else simply drop us a mail or call us- contact details are all there on our contact page people 🙂

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