Pon Maalai Pozhuthu



Ponn Maalai pozhuthu (பொன் மாலை பொழுது) or PMP as it is now known, was started in 1998 in Ilford, East London. This was an effort by the First Audio founder Nadamohan to create an atmosphere were local communities could showcase their talents.


It brings together the immediate community as an audience and encourages people to create their own productions of dance, drama, songs, instrumental music, comedy sketches, art pieces, oratorical debates, games and much more. First Audio also trains young individuals to become stage presenters and Ponn Maalai Pozhuthu acts as a base for their debut performances and ongoing training.

These shows are held many times during a year and since 1998 there have been over 100 shows hosted in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Netherlands. The show which brought in the largest crowd of over 2000 people was the 57th event held in an open field in Dortmund, Germany. The 75th Event was broadcasted on the European Tamil TV Station CEEITV. The 100th Show was hosted in London at the Sir James Hawkey Hall in February 2012. The events are typically organised in liaison with local community and charity organisations.

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